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Dr. Jan Becker, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Coconut the Cat

"I have been giving liquid activated zeolite to my entire family including one very special member, our cat Coconut. His story goes like this. He was rescued by me when I was an emergency veterinarian. He was brought to the emergency clinic and needed surgery right away to save his life. His owners wouldn't pay for this so they signed him over and Coconut received his surgery.

He then "worked" as a blood donor for two years saving others kitty's lives. This involved being sedated or even fully anesthetized monthly for the procedure of collecting his blood to save some other cat in need. Also, while in the clinic, Coconut had a few bouts of "fever of unknown origin" which is usually viral.

My husband and I adopted Coconut and have had him for years. He is extremely sweet and affectionate, but would mostly sleep all day. We called it "lumping" or being "Cocotose" when he would sleep so soundly that is scared us.

Since giving Coconut the zeolite (3 drops once a day as cats don't tend to like taking anything), Coconut has come alive. He sleeps less and even though well, less deep and less worrisomely. He plays with toys and the others cats, which he never did before. I suspect somehow the zeolite is removing the anesthesia residues, though it isn't claimed to do so. And, also, if there was any residual virus affecting him, it has handled that.

This has been a great win for me as Coconut is truly a hero and I am glad to give him a better life in any way I can."

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